Capturing a view is also an art form and when it comes to take a picture with iPhone, everyone wants to try his/her skills on it. Of course, it’s an amazing experience to click a moment with iPhone and especially it means a lot to the people who are fond of photography. Even the pictures taken by iPhone could be the most powerful as everything is focused and clear in pictures. Camera quality contains super resolution and pixels to take a neat and sound picture and by knowing some iPhone photography tips one could take astounding pictures. So, next time while clicking a picture, make sure to remember these tips to get unexpected and extraordinary photos.

IPhone photography tips

IPhone camera allows to capturing moments and views showing every single corner and part of picture so sharp and clean. And even editing apps also offer to add some creativity to enhance the beauty and your own style. Here iPhone photography tips are given below:

    • Use rear facing camera for selfies:
      Well, it sounds silly, but in actual iPhone rear camera(which is on back side) has higher resolution so it directly allows to take best resolution images and it must be used as well. Better to try it next time and see the difference.
    • Turn off flash while taking photos of food:
      Using a flash while clicking a subject is just to make a clear and lighting shot but it does not make any sense in case of clicking a food subject. The fact is flash off camera click shows the food so clearly and realistic view of it.
    • Use the headphone’s button to click:
      This is what people rarely does but it allows to click pictures without any disturbance because sometimes finger clicked picture come out as blurred a little bit. Try this tip while taking selfie.
    • Use a tripod stand:
      First, it makes you a professional as it provides support as stand for avoiding disturbance because hands may not always give actual shot as same with using tripod stand. This is one of the important iPhone photography tips.
    • Use Grid lines option:
      This divides the subject into 9 equal boxes and surprisingly it ensures you to take dashing and clear capture. And this tool works as best in iPhones, so, better to use it as much as possible.
    • Make a capture so simple:
      That’s the point to understand here, professional photographer says so what if a picture filled with empty space. That will compose the subject and space as only subject stand out and can be easily recognized.
    • Click from a low angle:
      Usually people use the most convenient way as clicking a picture from height but being a creative guy, try to click a moment from bottom or low angle and this will present you an amazing photo.
    • Add shadows in composition:
      Sometimes while taking picture, people avoid the shadow or change the location of subject or person. But there is exact time for taking shadow including in picture and that is sun set in evening.
    • Photograph Reflections:
      This needs a little more space and make sure the bottom surface has shining area and it could be water or glass surface where to stand on. And make a clear shot of complete frame as subject with its reflection.
    • Break the rules:
      There are no rules actually for photography but the tips are helpful. And as photography needs a creative and smart photographer so, always try new things. You have camera and view and no boss is going to interrupt you.

Remember the days of digital photography where people used to hold heavy and big cameras for taking pictures? Fortunately, Steve Job’s invention is now allows people to enjoy the capturing precious moments of life, either it’s about selfies, friend’s pic or about exploring while going in forest for picnic, where you want to take pictures of dense forestIPhone photography tips are not only ensuring us to take pictures beautifully but also to let us know that without editing, one can boost up the image quality.