Making a Practical And Functional Birdhouse

Making birdhouses can be a very satisfying hobby for ornithologist and many other people who just love to watch birds. First you can admire your handy work every day; secondly you will be able to provide protection and shelter for the birds along with food and water to help keep the birds in your yard. If you purchase one or more of the many books available on bird watching this will help you gain more knowledge on birding and have more enjoyment as you become an enthusiastic bird watcher.

Making a couple of birdhouses for your yard can provide the passion you are looking for to enjoy your backyard birds. You can actively study the nature of the birds, while enjoying the beautiful sounds that the birds emanate from morning to night, all day, every day.

In many situations people tie the birdhouse in a tree. Although this is doable, this is not always the best place to leave the birdhouse, not all birds nest in trees. Your bird books will help provide you information on what birds live in your region and what their nesting habits are. From this information, place your birdhouse where the birds can find it based upon their nesting habits. Birds that like to nest in open spaces would be attracted toward birdhouses that are placed on a post in open space or garden.

There are many birdhouse kits available on the market so it is important to pick the correct post/pole for the proper house. Much of this information will be available in the books that you select. Be sure when purchasing a kit that it contains the necessary assembly materials for your specific house.

A birdhouse is not only a place for keeping the birds safe and secure in your backyard and garden, but it can also be a mode of decoration for the lawn. There is a wide variety of designs that you can actually incorporate into your birdhouse. The more innovative you are the more attractive the birds will be to live in your creations.

There are a lot of unique birdhouse ideas you can obtain by talking to other bird watchers and checking out birdhouse websites on the internet. When building these houses, remember that safety is a key factor for the birds. Wooden materials are better than metal because in the heat of the summer the metal will get very hot and be harmful to the birds. Also providing a hinged side or top will make cleaning between the seasons much easier. Once you know the kind of birds that migrate to your region, you can decide the size and style of your birds’ new home. For example wren birdhouses will have small holes for entry and purple martin birdhouses are high on poles. Some birds do not need a resting perch outside of the entrance hole, as these perches actually help their enemies to get at the birds in the house. Many birds are attracted to brightly painted birdhouses. So enjoy making your friends a home and have fun bird watching.
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